history on a wrist

Last week for my 27th birthday, one of my best friends gave me an adorable book on charm bracelets by Tracey Zabar. Tracey designs charm bracelets for Barneys and Kate Spade. Not only is it a beautiful account of the history of the hobby, but it has sent me seeking new charms for my own personal milestone markers.

I originally started my charm bracelet as an alternative to a college ring. Charleston has some of the best charm vendors in the world located in the market, so naturally I found several trinkets that signified my collegiate experience: a purse to represent the four years I spent working at Saks Fifth Avenue (and the purchase of my first Marc Jacobs); my minor in studio art; the College of Charleston school seal picturing Randolph Hall; St. Michael's Church where I attended church on (most) Sundays; flip flops for the pair of khaki hemp Rainbows that never left my feet.

These are a few of the charms that I have come across which intrigue me on both a personal and professional level. I'm hoping to have a charm to represent my life as the daughter of a grocer, my Master's in Creative Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter, as well as one to represent my love for bluegrass music. Also, I would love to have a few charms that signify my tenure as a marketing analyst for Small Kitchen Appliances.

Grocery cart, coffee bean and stand mixer all from Rembrandt; Amethyst charm, Sarita Supplies; Scotsman bagpiper, Kline's Jewelry; Typewriter, Purple Daisy Jewelry; Banjo, Bright Eyes Treasures; Frying pan, found on Ebay.

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