reducing churn

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hearing John Adams, Chairman of the Martin Agency, speak during our brand leadership class with Peter Coughter. John is a tall, striking, yet soft-spoken man. When he raises his voice, you know he means business.

Mr. Adams spoke about the importance of operating at a high level while still being able to execute the smaller, more insignificant details. "Have bifocal vision," he said.

One point he raised was particularly interesting. That was the topic of churn. "The only enduring setting for the creation of brilliant advertising is a powerful, deep, collaborative relationship with the client." I have so much admiration for this man. I felt honored to be sitting in front of him. We should always be faithful to our own companies, to the people who believe in us enough to put food on our table. However, we should honor the fact that how we behave toward our clients will ultimately have an economic value, whether that is positive or negative.
Relationships, then, are the most important element in the reduction of churn.

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