m is for mathers

b is for bachelorette | annapolis to baltimore, md

m is for mathers | davidsonville, md

b is for bachelorette: 1) the happy bride-to-be on the way to zbest limo, 2) day trip to the piedmont wine trail, 3) lovely vines of boordy vineyard, 4) historic boordy barn, 5) picnic for ashley with homemade goodies and boordy wine, 6) meg and casey enjoying the day, 7) trip to federal hill before dinner, 8) overlooking the baltimore harbor, 9) loving her flashing ring rock, 10) corks in baltimore for dinner.

m is for mathers: 1) pastoral setting of davidsonville, maryland, 2) handsome mr. harris, 3) hors d'oeuvres, 4) merry guests enjoying cocktail hour, 4) m is for mathers, 5) horseshoe door knobs, 6) two become one, 7) rustic place cards, 8) elegant place setting, 9) the groom gives a toast, 10) the happy couple cuts one of the many homemade cakes and pies.

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