the brandcenter

The new name for the Adcenter. I got thinking about whether or not this term exists in our culture and, if so, what does it mean? The first place I turned to conduct my research, of course, was Google. Here are a few of the finalists:


As the Adobe website puts it, a Brand Center teaches a brand communicator about "best-in-practice communications." Many of the websites I turned to had different sections for different types of communicators, such as clients, internal practitioners and brand extensions. So basically, a brand center right now is a virtual place that teaches a bunch of different communicators about how to communicate the same message.

Although we'll not be the first users of this term at VCU, we do have an opportunity to influence its bricks-and-mortar definition and certainly raise the bar for branding best practice.

I wonder what our new icon will look like.

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