my twenty-something philosophy on best friends

A philosophy on friendship and how it relates to our hearts.

A very wise man* once told me that you basically have three doors in life.

The first door is where you invite in acquaintances of all types. These are people you know cordially through work, church, friends of friends and in passing along the street. You probably know the person’s name and occupation, though not much more about him or her. I am never choosy about who I let into my first door, though some people are.

Your second door is where you invite people to know you on a more personal level. They are people you eat lunch with on occasion and who are likely to know you on a somewhat topical level. You probably enjoy discussing business with them and they are the people you will see at parties. I tend to not be choosy enough about letting people into my second door and consequently I overload my schedule with lunch and dinner dates, which causes my school work to suffer. I would say that I juggle a hundred or so of these individuals at a time; these are the people whose numbers fit comfortably into my cell phone.

My third door is sacred, the key to which is held by very few individuals. I probably have no more than ten of these individuals in my life. They understand me inside and out and I rely on them for inspiration and advice. They would be the ones to carry me out on a stretcher if I were ever in need. A few of these individuals are family members, a few are high school friends and a few are friends from college. There are probably one or two individuals from work that I let in through my third door.

These are the people I refer to as my “best friends.”


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dave.anderson@comcast.net said...

Here's to the third door!