advice for first years

Keep your heads up.

The first week at the Adcenter flew by last year. I entered school having worked two professional jobs:

1) a civil engineer for a local firm

2) FEMA's youngest architectural historian in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit (that's me, in the back row, with my team at our JFO (joint field office) in western LA).

I hardly knew the first thing about advertising or marketing or branding or public relations. All I knew was there was a huge discrepancy between what I was seeing in Louisiana and what people back home in Richmond knew to be the truth. I wanted to make a difference in the world and the Adcenter was where I was going to start.

Things are much different now. Many failures and a couple of triumphs later, branding is my favorite topic and "what's the position" is as frequent of a phrase in my mind as "when should I eat."

It's a tough year, but at the end of it you will be glad you made the decision to be a student at the Adcenter.

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