cotswolds | blenheim palace

One of the most aesthetically pleasing palaces in the world, Blenheim was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and the current residence of the Duke of Marlborough. Located in the heart of Cotswold Country, it is a respite for those seeking a glimpse into the grandeur of English heritage and culture. It is currently maintained by the Spencer-Churchills.

From top: 1) the front gates of Blenheim Palace, 2) built between 1705 and 1724, the plan of Blenheim is Palladian while the architectural style channels a unique version of English Baroque with elements that would later make its way into Second Empire, 3) the boxwood hedges of Blenheim trimmed to resemble birds, 4) Pimm's & Lemonade at the Blenheim Cafe, 5) a 14k gold beefeater charm I acquired that day at a local Cotswold jeweler. 

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