baby merriment

I feel so blessed to have been a part of the baby shower of my beautiful friend Courtney. Owner of Merriment Events, she is truly one of the most creatives souls I know and her Southern spirit was the muse for the entire event. So fun.

From top: 1) Handsome Forest Hill Dutch Colonial Revival, 2) perfect Southern spread, 3) Courtney's creative touch on the flowers, 4) a combination of Forest Hill farmers market flowers and celosia stems from Dunman Floral Supply, 5) heart shaped watermelon, 6) calligraphy cards, 7) gorgeous baby-friendly punch bar with stripey straws, 8) Mommy and Daddy having fun in the photo booth by LOL richmond, 9) Daddy getting a taste of what's to come, 10) ABC paper from Mongrel with leopard ribbon from Michael's, 11) saving the best for last - whale tub!

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