piles of creativity

Our assignment last week was to take a Myers-Briggs personality test in order to learn a little bit more about ourselves, as well as to appreciate the differences in our fellow classmates. I have known I was an ENTP since my freshman year in college, but decided to take the MBTI STEP II again just to see if my preferences had changed in the last six years. They have not.

My father always teases me about these little "piles of creativity" that I leave behind myself. In reality, my personal brand is all about constant creation. In fact my personality type is even nicknamed "the inventor." If I see something that I think I can make or do better, I go buy the supplies and experiment. If I am bored, I start a new project. My life is all R&D. Mom is always asking me if I have seen this television show or that but the reality is I do not even watch TV because I am so consumed by my own thoughts and hobbies.

What personality does your brand have? Is it introverted or extroverted? Is it a brand of constant creation? Is R&D considered a grooming tool or is it left to external consultants and advertising agencies?

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Meggie said...

I am an INFJ!
only 1% of the population!!!