channeling churchill

A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend Evrard and I were fortunate enough to be the guest of my parents during the annual LifeNet benefit. Located at the beautiful Nauticus Center in Norfolk, the event was completely sold out. It was a marvelous success.

LifeNet is the largest organ and tissue bank in North America. My father has served faithfully as their strategic consultant for the past year. Among the many things he has helped them develop, the mission was the most proudly displayed outcome of his work. "Saving lives and restoring health" was joyfully repeated by every single speaker at the black tie.

Mission and values are two of the most important elements of strategic success, economic stability and culture. I have come to find that the way we can measure the effectiveness of mission and values is if the employees of the corporations with which we consult use these judgments in their every day speech. When they are proud of the objective, they are eager to share the good news.

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